Failure to Componentize (plus Stylescope & ModCSS)

Back in Aug 26 2015 I posted hopefully about the future of web components in Netflix’s Digital Supply Chain. Since then, all fans of the open web have sided with expediency (and therefore React). You can’t stop the mob’s forward march :). Seeing this coming a year ago, I offered Reactive Elements as the virtually cost-free way to bridge the gap ‘tween React and WC, but interop be damned I guess. The group recently had the joy of bringin’ on Tim Branyen from Bocoup—I hope he’ll help folks “see the light”.

Scoped CSS

As a side note, I’m developing an answer to one of the main open questions. It’s tentatively called Stylescope and serves as a more traditional (but versatile) companion to ModCSS.


ModCSS assists in modularizing styles by enabling CommonJS-like system to pull in Stylus or CSS files as JSON. The primary use so far in Netlix has been assigning to style in JSX.


Stylescope assists in modularizing styles by enabling one to reliably assign style information to an HTMLElement with 100% security that style won’t affect other elements. The pain of an Enterprise front-end developer attempting to add their own flair to a large CSS cascade is traumatizing and I’m here to prevent others from experiencing the same fate :)

Stylescope is early alpha, but it already works well for one-deep style trees in its Mochify tests. For next steps, I plan to demonstrate distributing and sharing styles via ModCSS and then consuming them in a Web Component via Stylescope. I’ll need to locate a module containing all viable HTML tags to implement parent-child style relationships in Stylescope…